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Depreciation Recapture Issues in a 1031 Exchange

Depreciation and depreciation recapture issues are something that any Investor should take into consideration when considering the plethora of options available in real estate investment, as these issues can have a significant effect upon income tax as it applies to an Investor’s portfolio.

As an Investor, depreciation expenses in the form of deductions relating to the renovations/upkeep of your real property held for rental purposes is required - as defined under Section 1250 of the Internal Revenue Code - as the typical wear and tear imposed by time and the elements is recognized as a very real thing that an Investor is expected to contend with.

To qualify for depreciation deductions, the Investor’s in-service property must not be excepted property; have a determinable useful life; have an expected life of more than 12 months; be property in which the Investor has a capital investment; and be used in the Investor’s business. Personal use property or property held for sale does not qualify for depreciation deductions.

Land cannot be depreciated, but structures and equipment (AKA tangible property, such as vehicles and buildings) on said land can be depreciated. Things such as copyrights and computer software are known as intangible property and can also be depreciated.

When it comes to Income Taxes, an Investor may find themselves subject to the maximum Federal capital gain income tax rate of 15% under current Federal capital gain income tax rates. However, a flat Federal income tax rate of 25% is applied for depreciation recapture, and state and local taxes may figure into the equation as well. It is these extensive income tax liabilities that may prompt an Investor to engage in a 1031 Exchange in order to keep their losses at a minimum.

When depreciable real estate is sold, a complex set of rules comes into play due to the fact that a maximum rate of 25% will apply to the portion of gain that is eligible for capital gain treatment even though it is attributable to previously allowable depreciation; this is known as “Unrecaptured section 1250 gain.” In addition, a maximum rate of 15% will apply to the balance of the gain.

Unless an Investor takes advantage of a tax-deferred or tax-exclusion strategy, they may have to add back (or recapture) into their taxable income the amount of depreciation taken on their investment property when it is sold. Depreciation is required be included in the depreciation recapture income tax computation upon the sale of the Investor’s real estate investment. Excess depreciation and 1250 unrecaptured gain is recaptured when depreciable section 1250 property is exchanged for non-depreciable real property.

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