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Earnest Money Deposits

Earnest Money Deposits, Extension and/or Option Payments Released to Investor Before Closing of Relinquished Property Sale

Early payment of earnest money deposits and/or other funds are common clauses that are often written into many Purchase and Sale Contracts; these actions are typically utilized by Buyers to entice an Investor to sell or concede other actions from the Investor.

If such payments are not structured properly, however, they can create taxable income to the Investor even in a 1031 Exchange transaction that typically results in a tax-deferred exchange. The Internal Revenue Service provides little in the way of guidelines when it comes to early payment of funds, which presents challenges during a tax-deferred exchange; therefore, it is vital that a Qualified Intermediary makes sure that any such early payment is handled correctly at all times.

Early payment receipt can be made to one of two individuals; the Investor directly, or the Investor’s Qualified Intermediary. If made directly to the Investor - which is very common early in any given 1031 Exchange transaction - the early payment can either be kept as taxable boot, or, before the transaction closes, deposit said early release monies back into the relinquished property sale transaction, after which the funds may be forwarded to the Investor’s Qualified Intermediary.

There is the chance with early payment that the Federal Government (IRS, Department of Treasury) could consider early payment a taxable distribution resultant from the sale transaction of the relinquished property; taking this into mind, the Investor should always be aware of any and all risks that may come with early payments, and they can result in possible loss of tax-deferred status..

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